So, Here It Turns Out We’re Untraveled Travelers…

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I generally think of Shon and myself as well-traveled. While we don’t fall into the “visited 100 countries and counting!” category, like some of the travel bloggers I follow, together we’ve explored Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and a handful of other Latin American countries. Individually, we’ve seen a fair bit of Europe. And we know New Jersey inside and out. On a recent trip to New Orleans, though, this “well-traveled” notion of mine was turned on its head, and I realized that when it comes to one particular type of travel, it’s like we’ve never left home at all. Continue reading

8 Reasons Why I Love Raising a Baby in New York

Dim sumSo much can change in a year. Ben celebrated his eight-month birthday a few days ago—a sizeable milestone—but what really brought home how quickly time flies were the holidays. Last Christmas, Shon and I were eating tamales and hanging out poolside in Panajachel. This Christmas, we toasted the holiday with a seven fishes dinner (paella, salt-cod fritters, and prosciutto-wrapped scallops!), a real, live tree, and a real, live baby, too. Continue reading

Quesillo Not For Me-o: A Dairy Bomb in Nicaragua

Quesillo.1 (1024x683)I’m pretty sure it was my love for cheese that cost me a job on James Patterson’s publicity team. I sat in his Park Avenue publisher’s office for a final interview a handful of years ago and upon being asked what I would do with my life if money were no issue, replied that I would make cheese on a farm in Vermont. My interviewer, one of Mr. Patterson’s business consultants and friends (and dressed head to toe in leather, having arrived in Manhattan on a motorcycle) seemed not to know where to take the interview from there. It was then that I learned to be truthful—not stupid—during job interviews. Say make cheese on a Vermont farm, fine, but at least mention something about streaming James Patterson books through barnyard speakers to the goats. Continue reading

Nicaragua with a Newborn: 3 Travel Lessons

Carseat (2) In hindsight, maybe we were dummies. Shon and I returned from a 10-day trip to Nicaragua with Ben about two weeks ago and have only now mostly recovered. Shon went for work. Ben and I tagged along for fun—though I’m not sure the “fun” part of the trip ever really took hold. I’d be more inclined to call the adventure a “learning experience” and leave it at that. Continue reading