Beach Time on Oaxaca’s Pacific Coast

I like to write. But sometimes I like lying on sandy beaches, drinking fruity cocktails, and reading books like The Hunger Games more. Hence the bout of radio silence the past two weeks. Shon and I were in Mexico on vacation, and although WiFi was available here and there, my laptop kept burrowing deeper and deeper into my bag. It knew there was no competing with baby sea turtles and sunsets on the beach.

We were in the state of Oaxaca, on Mexico’s Pacific coast. We spent the first few days in the resort town of Huatulco, at a hotel called Las Brisas, while Shon attended a work conference. It was there that I experienced the tragedy of the all-inclusive resort: Yes, there are myriad beach- and pool-side bars that make it all too easy to lose track of how many piña coladas and cold bottles of Corona you’ve downed before 3:00 p.m. And yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and most importantly, the supply of ice cream is endless. But you still need to put on a bathing suit.

After Huatulco, we traveled through nearby Zipolite, San Agustinillo, and Mazunte, itty-bitty beach towns with powerful waves, the aforementioned sea turtles, and lots of hippy-dippy travelers. There were fire dancers, topless bathers, and men who pushed barrels full of coconuts along the ocean’s edge. My favorite encounter was with a lovely blond-haired vendor who carried a wicker basket and wore a gingham apron as she padded barefoot down the beach. I developed a crush on her immediately when she told us that she used to be a baker in a Whole Foods pastry department in the States. She said that she had recently moved to Mexico with her husband so he could make surfboard fins and she could make a baby. Selling brownies drizzled with marijuana butter on the beach was just something she was doing on the side.

Our last beach stop was the city of Puerto Escondido, a well-known surfer haven. It was here that Mexico’s heat and powerful summer sun finally got the best of us, and Shon and I started to wilt. You know your beach vacation should come to an end when you’d rather hang out in air-conditioned convenience stores than see the local attractions. We tried to do most of our exploring in the early morning and early evening hours, which coincided nicely with the local surfers’ schedules.

Puerto Escondido is a great place to visit–it has a bustling commercial strip along the sand, plenty of restaurants, and countless shops supplied with all the beach paraphernalia you could ever need. But we still left a day early. The need to reapply sunscreen every hour, every day eventually gets old—even in paradise.

I have, ohh… six bajillion more freckles.

We’re now back in Panajachel. I’ve fished out the laptop (obviously), finished The Hunger Games (intense!), and there are more Mexico stories to come–after I make myself a fruity cocktail. For inspiration and all.

14 thoughts on “Beach Time on Oaxaca’s Pacific Coast

  1. Amazing pictures again, Melissa! You guys are having too much fun out there. Makes me miss those non NJ beaches…heaven! And I’ve always had a crush on you for your freckles, btw. 😉

    1. I have plenty–I’ll share!!! And don’t get me wrong–Mexico’s beaches are great and all, but they’re NO match for the Jersey shore. I miss our beach days. And miss you!! Can’t wait for September : )

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