Belize Bound!

I’m excited. Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on Viaventure’s June newsletter, and today, Shon and I are heading to Belize! (Well, after a quick stop in northern Guatemala first.) We’re taking a two-week trip to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. TEN YEARS. That’s a lot of days, hours, and minutes. Enough to have photos of us where we look young and photos where we look old. Enough to have potentially produced a fifth-grader by now—that is, if I had gotten knocked up and Shon had gotten lucky on our first date. Enough to have forgotten if Shon did get lucky on our first date. …Enough to have completely forgotten our first date. Maybe it’s for the best, though. Shon is slightly older and was kind of my boss at the time, so the whole situation was a little pervy anyway.

But back to being excited. Viaventure’s June newsletter is all about going local in Guatemala and moving away from the itineraries that Fodor’s, Frommer’s, and Lonely Planet tout to do something different, whether it’s shopping just outside of Antigua for the perfect cowboy boots or heading to the remote Cuchumatanes mountains for a nine-day horseback riding excursion. (The latter–which is led by Unicornio Azul ranch in the department of Huehuetenango, next to Mexico–is now at the tip-top of my must-do list.) You can check out the newsletter here.

And if you’re interested in our Belize trip, stop by next week! I’ll be posting photos along the way. We’re leaving today at 4:00 p.m. for Guatemala’s northern department of El Petén to visit the famous Tikal ruins. After two days there, we’ll head to Belize’s Cayo District to explore its jungles and caves, before we move on to the small Caribbean isle (and main reason for our trip): Caye Caulker. It’s hosting its eighteenth annual lobster fest next weekend and I Can. Not. Wait. Put a cracker in my hand, and no crustacean will be safe. After Caye Caulker, we’ll travel to the larger island of Ambergris (where we’ll scuba dive for the first time!) before heading home, making stops along the way in Dangriga (Belize’s hub of Garífuna culture; the Garífunas are descendants of West African slaves and the local Caribs), Livingston (Guatemala’s sole Garífuna community), and Río Dulce (a port town and river that connects Guatemala’s largest lake, Izabal, with the Caribbean Sea).

I may not be able to remember our first date, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget this trip. Happy 10-year anniversary, Shon! : )

12 thoughts on “Belize Bound!

  1. Hey you guys did not tell us. Happy 10 years. Really happy that you two are together. You two make
    a beautiful couple and have so much in common it seems. Love you both so very much. Enjoy life
    as you love each other.

  2. 10 years!?! Wow!! Have a great trip!!! I’ll set up my notifications so I can follow along! Miss you two!!

    1. Hi, Allie! It’s crazy, right–a decade already! Shon and I were just talking about Ohio the other day. It’d be so fun to catch up–hopefully sometime soon!

  3. Happy 10 years you two! Miss you and so glad you are having the time of your life’s ! Be safe and have fun. Love you both Dora

  4. 4 hours to go…!!

    Scuba diving, lobster, jungle, caving, ruins, beach, and a long bus ride…a great adventure- just like our 10 years together. Happy anniversary! Love you!

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