Welcome Back!

It’s nice to have you here! I’m happy you’re still interested in my blog. I’m interested in it, too, though after months of not posting, it probably looked like I had gone off to pursue other pastimes. Like cricket and welding.

I have to say that it’s been a struggle to get back into blogging after such a long hiatus. The knowledge that I’d have to write This Post–the one where I start writing, again–has loomed over me for weeks. Every time I thought about This Post, the theme song for Welcome Back, Kotter would play in my head, which was irritating, as the only thing welcoming me back to Not Quite Roughing It was an empty new entry.

I’m not sure why it has been so hard to get into blogging, again. Ask me to write an article on ten great ways to see Guatemala by helicopter, and I’d be finished in an hour. But this post? The one you’re reading now? It has taken me weeks to sit down, open a fresh Word document, and start.

I did, finally, this afternoon–though even this short, little-nothing-of-a-post took way longer than necessary. Mostly because while “writing,” I was actually:

  • Clicking through links on the Wikipedia entry for Welcome Back, Kotter
  • Learning what other people think about in the shower
  • Reading an article on tamed ambitions (which led me to this article on “having-it-some“)
  • Taking photos of my dog vomiting grass, which I promptly e-mailed to my sister with the subject line “Chaddy says “Hi!”
  • Debating the merits of crumb toppings on blondies with Shon

When I started this post, my plan was to do a quick recap of the past few months and what has kept me from blogging. And while there are a few things that I could highlight—like a big work project and a long trip back to the States—the list above is where you’ll find the real truth. Sure, over these last months, there were a handful of insanely busy moments, but there were also moments when I was simply distracted and lazy and unsure of how to start.

[Not to say that there isn’t any benefit in distraction, laziness, and uncertainty. Today’s discussion of crumb toppings led to my making a New York-style coffee cake that’s cooling on the counter right now…which reminds me…”baking a cake.” That should be added to the list above, too.]

Now that This Post is out of the way, my hope is that updating my blog will be easier. If it isn’t, I see more cake in my future, links in yours, and…well, who knows what my sister’s going to get.


7 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    1. Sara, are you reading my mind? Just this morning I was thinking about how I haven’t received any blog updates from you and how I’m missing hearing about your life in Spain. Please do a post soon? : )

  1. Thanks, all, for the comments! Sorry for being lame-o and not replying in a timely fashion!! Mom, hit play on the YouTube video at the top, and you’ll have the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song stuck in your head, too. Do it, I dare you.

  2. Really????? Welcome Back Kotter? I can’t think of the theme song. Cake does look good though. I’m so glad you didn’t send photos of Chaddy throwing up the grass, I’ve had the pleasure to see it live.
    Love mom

  3. Welcome back! I am glad to hear that you are back at it, and I look forward to hearing more of what you and Shon have been up to. Enjoy your cake. It looks delicious!

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