Belize, I Love You (and your god-awful puns)

On New Year’s Day, Shon and I were chatting about our 2013 highs and lows and realized that we both considered our trip to Belize a definite high. We visited last June for our 10-year anniversary and stayed for two weeks. I blogged about a bit of our adventure (including on the wilds of western Cayo and Belize’s Belikin beer) but never delved into much more, which is a shame, since Belize is amazing and really should get its due. As such, in the next few posts, I’m going to elaborate on its awesomeness, starting with its puns, which were just so terrible, so cringe-worthy that I kind of had to love them.

All throughout the country, signs, stickers, and shirts galore were printed with taglines like Do You Belize in Love?, Don’t Stop Belizing, and Belize Navidad. These sayings were painful to the ear, but like a nasty hangnail that begs to be chewed, I had to have at them in short time.

How could I not answer a question like “Do you want another Belikin?” with “You better Belize it!”? or start a statement with “Belize it or not…” A little part of me died–I suspect the “self-respecting” part–when I described my first snorkel encounter with sharks as “Unbelizable!” It had to be done, though. And weirdly made me love the tiny country just a little bit more.

Hard to Belize, but true. Now, I’m going to go beat myself over the head with a dictionary. And then work on my next Belize post.

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  1. Awesome! Your first two posts on Belize were “unbelizeable,” and “Belize me when I say” that I am ready for more. Bring them on!

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