Goodbye, Guate! Hello, New York… & baby : )

I don’t follow bloggers who post inconsistently. I hate finding writers I like, coming back for more, and discovering the same old post I read one week ago, two weeks ago, then two months ago. Confronting an absence of new words over and over again leaves me feeling in the dark and a little stupid, too. If a writer’s abandoned a blog, why in the world am I still here? Go home, Melissa! Go home.

My blog has been silent for more than a month (nearly two, actually), which has been driving me crazy—though clearly not enough to sit down and write this post. I couldn’t help but think “what’s one more day [or week or month] without an update when I’ve already gone this long?”… “I’ll write a new post tomorrow; for now, I’ll shop for bags.”

Lo & Sons Catalina

I tumbled into a black hole of procrastination, and my blog is now the blog that I would never follow. And yet, here I am–back, again–and you are, too. Thank *you* for showing up when I haven’t for so long. I really, truly appreciate it and promise to stop sucking.

Now that I’m here and have your attention, I should probably note that Not Quite Roughing It isn’t going to be quite the same from here on out. Two major developments have turned our world upside down and will have a pretty big impact on the content of posts in the future:

  1. Shon accepted a new job in New York City; we said farewell to Guatemala just two weeks ago!
  2. We’re expecting a baby boy on May 15–eek!!

We’re so incredibly excited to meet our new little guy (poor Sam and Chaddy have no idea what’s to come) and to be doing it in the city we love. : )

Clearly, there’s much to say about all of this. For now, though, I’ll leave it at hello, welcome back, and as always, thank you for reading! xo Melissa

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18 thoughts on “Goodbye, Guate! Hello, New York… & baby : )

  1. You’re such a beautiful pregnant woman! I know Sheldon is already with you but I just love this pic! The U.S. is lucky to have you, Shon and Sheldon!

  2. Melissa! I can’t believe you kept such a huge secret for so long!! Congrats on everything – shon’s new job and the soon to be new addition to the family! I’m incredibly happy and excited for you and I truly hope that you continue writing. It has been so fun to read your posts.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Congratulations on the baby and New York!
    I have enjoyed your writings very much. Keep it up!

  4. Wow! That’s huge news. Congratulations to you both, and I hope that the little one is going to be a good traveler so he can accompany you on some more adventures. Be sure to keep us posted on you new life in New York. Cheers!

  5. Melissa, it’s been a blast reading about your time in Guatemala, I always looked forward to receiving that notification that there was a new post. That being said, this new chapter is going to be so much fun. Congratulations to you and Shon (Chaddy & Sam too!) on the soon to be arrival of your new baby boy. We’re glad to have you all back and look forward to reading more posts…. when you get around to it. 🙂 Best of luck !

  6. Thank YOU for posting!!
    As for me, I’ll always be a follower. :-).
    So excited for you guys!!! (And for us.- and Isabel gets a super awesome new playmate)

  7. What great news, Melissa! I’m so happy for you and Shon. Big, new life changes, but I hope you’ll continue to post, albeit on a different topic.

    1. Enid!!! So wonderful to hear from you! Definitely big changes, but all very good ones–we’re excited for this brand new phase. P.S. I owe you an email!

  8. Oh my goodness!! So exciting! On the New York-ness and on the little munchkin! So awesome!

    (Also, I’m a long-time reader, but not with this blog name. I’m the blogger formerly known as heidikins.) 😉


    1. I know! We’re sooo excited about everything–though it is a lot all at once! Thanks for still reading Fiesty Harriet ; ) (I LOVE that name, by the way!!)

  9. Hey Melissa! You’re continuing a great Fine Cooking tradition with your first baby…a boy! Congrats to you and Shon (and four legged big brother and sister Sam and Chaddy of course). Welcome back!

  10. Yahoo for all the big changes!! So glad that you’re back stateside, so happy you’re having a boy!!, and so excited to meet him when he arrives. Keep us posted! xoxo, D

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