Meet Baby Ben!

Last year, July 16 was just another day on the calendar. This year, it’s a big event in our world, as…drum roll, please…it means this guy is now two months old! Meet Bennett Anders Morris (Ben for short), born on May 16, 2014.

Two months. TWO MONTHS! For eight whole weeks, I’ve had a cuddly, cooing, and, yes, sometimes crying baby by my side, and it has been so much more amazing—and challenging—than I ever expected. Each week brings new surprises, some more welcome than others. This week, Ben is smiling, oohing, and ahhing in a way that actually feels interactive, and his toothless little grin—a sure bet if Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is playing—makes my heart swell. Last week, he started blowing totally gross spit bubbles. Each milestone—even spit bubbles—feels bittersweet, as it means our delectable little boy is growing up.


We’ve had plenty of good days—exploring Brooklyn neighborhoods, picnicking in the park, meeting other new babies, and visiting Ben’s grandparents in New Jersey—and some not-so-good days, too. (These often begin with long, early-morning bouts of crying, grunting, and fussing as Ben struggles to digest last night’s milk.) Ben’s laugh makes me laugh, his cries have made me cry. His erratic napping schedule—will he sleep for 30 minutes or three hours?—means that I accomplish little apart from baby-related tasks. When he does sleep for long stretches, I miss him.

The past two months haven’t flown by, and they haven’t dragged on, either. They’ve felt exactly like two months, just with a super-squishy sidekick and the knowledge that life will never be the same.

23 thoughts on “Meet Baby Ben!

  1. You should make a post about how much Ben loves his Aunt….I think the readers would really enjoy an update!

  2. I’m sure that words fail to capture this new little ball of joy – and laughter and tears – in your life. Love seeing pics. He’s super cute! Enjoy these life changing moments. I look forward to continue reading about them. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Melissa! I have enjoyed reading your blog and sharing in all your travels. As new parents you have so much to pass on to your new little guy. I’m sure he will be an adventurer like his parents! Enjoy your creation – they are only little for what seems like a blink.

    1. Thank you so much, Abby! We can’t wait to explore the world with Ben. We already have his baby passport (too cute!) and have our first trip planned. We’re heading to Nicaragua in August! I hope you’re wonderful and enjoying summer and that all is well in the FC test kitchen : )

  4. Wonderful pictures! He is adorable and Bill and I can’t wait to meet our grandbaby. Bill has tears every time he sees a new picture.

  5. Congratulations, Melissa! He couldn’t be cuter. My children are in their mid-30s, and I can still remember everything you’re talking about here. Sometimes the days seem long, but the years go by fast.

    1. Thank you, Enid! I can already tell that the time will fly by, and while I’m so excited for all that’s to come, I also just want to wrap Ben up and keep him just as he is. I so hope you’re doing well!

    1. It’s funny–there have been moments when I think Ben looks just like your Sam, or at least photos that I recall seeing of Sam!

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