Hi! How are you?

Hi, blog! So, I’ve neglected you for the past day or two. I hope you don’t mind. I’m here now and thought maybe we could catch up.

It’s been, what, a week?

Lots has changed since then. “Then” being when my last post went up, which was…a month ago, right?

To start, you’re a new blog. Here’s a bit more on what that’s all about, but the long and short of it is: What was once “Not Quite Roughing It” is now “Bad Yellow Duck,” a blog devoted as much to the things I love—writing, the two monkeys pictured above, New York City, travel (defined broadly as “leaving the boundaries of my Park Slope neighborhood”)—as to things that make me squirm—writing, my insanely expensive pedicures, and my preoccupation with professional failure. So, like, all light stuff.

Anyway, after 34 (43?) months not blogging, I’m back to sharing stories. Thanks for reading.

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